A group photo of us all in 1955 at St. Anthony's Juniorate, (High School) for boys intending to join, (take vows) in the Franciscan Order of Teaching Brothers. "Smithtown" for shortin the Town of Smithtown, on the North Shore of long Island in Suffolk County. I resided there February 1954 thru 1956 when I was asked to leave; they judged I didn't have a vocation. I responded: "That's okay, I was going to leave anyhow." (I am 4th from the right 2nd row).

I was a boy in St. Anthony of Padua's Grammar School in blue-collar Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York, when I became enthralled with writing stories about the people and things happening around me. It kept up through high school and college. I was a sophomore at St. John's University, Brooklyn New York, when I took my first Creative Wiriting course. What occurred in that classroom set the course for the rest of my life. I set out on what has always struck  me as a pre-ordained journey to find the underlyingpurpose, the veiled truths of my life, as I lived it from the 1940s through today.

As a U.S. Army draftee, copy-boy on New York Hearst's New York Journal-American after, then New Yourk City Policeman, Fordam University Law School, Legal Aid Society, Criminal trials Lawyer in Manhatten, and Queens courts, published mystery author of novels and crime stories. Still a defense Lawyer, Upstate now. Defending abused women against their batterers in Family Courts of Albany.

Rensselaer and Schenectady is new for me-but still a good fit. I intend to blog here about my cases, about the awful hopelessness and frequent injustice I see playing out inside The System and out.

And about writing, of course-the Craft, the Art,

the Mystery of it all.

Tune in.