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"Robert Knightly is a man of 3 converging paths. A former Police Officer. A practicing criminal Attorney. And a accomplished Author. Read more about how these 3 paths have woven a life of success, intrigue,

and compassionate values. 

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Criminal Defense  Attorney

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Where it all started

In February 1975 I got dumped out of my soft job as lawyer-intern in the Police Bureau at 240 Centre Street, the old NYPD HQ in the heart of Little Italy. I was finishing up law school at night at Fordham University at Lincoln Center. But I was desperatley needed to fill-in in the empty radio cars in Precincts all over the City after 5,000 cops had benn laid off during the Fiscal Crisis. I was the victim of Operation All-Out as were hundreds of other officers in "Details" around the city. I was assigned to patrol the 83rd Precinct in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a high-crime Precinct being compared then to Downtown Beirut. (Photo is of stoop leading up to heavy front oak door, where on more than one occasion, I was assigned to repel invaders intent on breaching the Castle to free their "homies". (The Precinct did, with stone turrets jutting from battlements and a moat-like side yard where the horses used to be stabled, resemble a Norman Keep). I continued my education as a street Patrolman here till the summer of 1981 when I was promoted to Sergeant and automatically transferred to patrol another bad-ass Brooklyn Precinct.

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St. Patricks Day 1980.Traditional Post - 5th Avenue Parade.

Emerald Society Marches at St. Gregorys Greek Orthodox Church.

9th Ave. and West 61st Street, Manhattan. 


New York City Police Department - 83rd Precinct Brooklyn, NY 

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Manhattan Criminal Court. (The Tombs)

100 Centre Street, where I practiced innumerable days and nights as a Legal Aid Society defense lawyer.


Formerly, Police Headquarters at 240 Centre Street, in the 60s and 70s, where I worked on the 2nd-floor writing speeches for Police Commissioner Patrick V. Murphy. 


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