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A Experienced Dynamic Duo present:
The Healing Pen - by Robert Knightly
The Circle of Respect - by Tessa Avignon
Robert Knightly - The Healing Pen
Roberts experience as a writer brings years of understanding as to how the pen can heal through a specific type of  journeling that is scientific and has proven life long results. 

The Healing Pen takes you on a inner journey to connect and discover your inner most feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Its objective is to heal through the practice of consistent journeling through out the course of ones life path. It is a highly effective and powerful way to gain strength, stability, and self reliance.

Tessa Avignon - The Circle of Respect
Tessa's expertise as a Inspirational Speaker gently guides each individual out of limitations, fears, and past negative experiences. Her compassionate wisdom lights the way towards self empowerment and true inner strength.

The Circle of Respect is a combination of indigenous and modern wisdom leading one towards true self empowerment. It guides each each individual to appreciate their uniqueness and to develop;

Dignity, Strength, Passion and Purpose.

The combination of The Healing Pen and The Circle of Respect sets the wheels in motion for a life focused on cultivating wisdom, inner strength, and living with passion and purpose. 

2019 Robert Knightly